Review policy

As most reviewers and book bloggers, I'm always open for requests of advanced reading copies. Each book I read will be reviewed on here, on Goodreads and on other book buying sites such as Amazon, The Book Depository and Barnes & Noble. If you're interested in letting me review your book, do kindly read the conditions below.

The reviews I write are all my opinion. This means if I didn't enjoy a book, it will be clear in my review. Do remember that I do not wish to insult anyone, I'm just always expressing my thoughts and feelings about a certain novel. Star ratings can vary, in the terms that not every three-star book is as good or bad as another one. It all depends on how big some issues were and my opinion on the book overall. It can be possible that I DNF a book if I do not wish to continue with what I've already read.

If you're not pleased with the way a certain review is written, do contact me through email ( with your issue.

As I am an ordinary teenager with an agenda, it's not always a guarantee to read an ARC before its release. Therefore, I prefer if a book is sent with enough time to read it before the release is due.

As stated in my biography, I'm a eighteen-year-old girl located in Belgium. This may be difficult if you were to send me a real copy of your book. As I mostly read on my iPad, it would be an advantage if the file could be either .epub, .mobi or .pdf.

Genres I prefer:

  1. Adventure
  2. Contemperary
  3. Dystopian
  4. Mythology
  5. Paranormal
  6. Retellings
  7. Romance
  8. Sci Fi & Fantasy
  9. Teens & YA

Genres I sometimes read:

  1. Children's Fiction
  2. History
  3. Literature/Fiction (Adult)
  4. Mystery & Thrillers
  5. New Adult
  6. Women's Fiction

Genres I usually avoid:

  1. Biographies & Memoirs
  2. Comics & Graphics
  3. Erotica
  4. Horror
  5. Nonficition
  6. Poetry
  7. Religion & Spirituality

Contacting me can be done by sending an email to